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Free sat nav app for iPhone 3G/3GS/4G

Today I found a great free sat nav app for the Apple iPhone 3GS, 3G and 4G. The free sat nav app for iPhone is called ‘skobbler Lite‘.

The sat nav app is based on an open source idea whereby users can update the maps and report issues with the routes etc should they be incorrect. Which to be fair is a good idea.

On the face of it the free sat nav app looks like it could be open to problems such as people purposefully putting the wrong routes on etc, however I don’t see this being a massive issue and it took me for a 30 minute journey today and didn’t get anything wrong really. It was spot on.

The free iPhone sat nav app told me which exits to take from the motor way and even preceded these instructions with a please! I don’t know of another sat nav that asks you nicely to take the exit! Furthermore it tells you the name of the road you need to take rather than just telling you to take the next turning. For example it would say “In one miles time, please take the next exit for the M1”. Quite impressive if you ask me!

For a free application you can’t go wrong, granted you need to have it mouted, but I my girlfriend with me who kindly held it, although the iPhone became very warm by the end of the journey, obviously using a lot of energy for the GPS receiver. Despite this I only lost around about 15% of the battery at most during the duration of the journey which was decent considering. The other down side was that it was on the quiet side, even with the speakers turned all the way up on tbe iPhone, but it was still possible to hear the instructions.

I am not sure how good it is in the city centre but for getting to where you want to be it does the job really well and even has a little map like other sat navs have.

I couldn’t recommend this free sat nav app for the iPhone highly enough, it does a great job!

Click here for the Skobbler website.

Click here for the Skobbler lite sat nav app for iPhone on the online app store.

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