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Stockton South Candidates – General Election 2010

Only 2 weeks until the much talked about election, it doesn’t give candidates a lot of time to drum up support. This is my first election that I can vote in and I think it is imperative that young people get involved, unfortunately not enough are interested though…

Today I received leaflets from the BNP, Liberal Democrats and UKIP, unfortunately each and every one of them had mistakes on them, whether it be consistency, spelling, grammar or punctuation. Quite honestly I am extremely surprised that these types of errors could get through, these candidates only get 1 opportunity every 4 years to campaign and they get their leaflets wrong! To be honest seeing those types of errors, if I had any intention voting for any of the parties mentioned above, would make me think twice against voting for them.

I have received leaflets from both the Labour Party and Conservative Party, but to be fair the Conservative Party, in particular James Wharton hasn’t stopped. He’s been in touch all year round and hasn’t stopped sending through leaflets, newsletters etc despite having a full time job.

My mind is already made up, I am not an extremist and am extremely disappointed with the Labour Party and in particular the way in which Gordon Brown managed the economy prior to becoming Prime Minister.

A lot of people make their choice based on who they want to win overall in the country, and to an extent I will too, but I also want someone who cares about the area and James Wharton is always campaigning for things in the area and trying his utmost. He has been interested from day one, and no one else has come close. Dari Taylor, the current MP for the area hasn’t been in touch much at all.

It will be interesting to see how the votes fair in this area as I think it could be very, very tight, but let’s face it, with the election system that we have in the UK you only need one more vote than the other candidates to win and I think it could come down to the wire.

The candidates in Stockton South are as follows:

James Wharton – Conservatives
Dari Taylor – Labour
Jacquie Bell – Lib Dems
Peter Braney – UKIP (No website)
Neil SinClair – BNP (No website)
Yvonne Hossack – Independent (No website)
Ted Strike – Christian Party (No website)

2 Responses to “Stockton South Candidates – General Election 2010”

  • W Austin says:

    Any one who votes for any of the major parties is selling the country short. None of them are adequately addressing the immigration issues and this country is heading for a cultural disaster. Why is it that the indiginous population is still residing in old style council residence whilst the recent immigrants are residing in upper class residential areas. and to add insult to injury it is at the indiginous population’s expense. If we dont get real at this election then this country is finished. The lies, deciept and expense fraud of the major parties is discusting and if anyone thinks it will change, think again. Remember the European referendum we are still waiting for??

  • Aidan says:

    I understand where you’re coming from W Austin, however realistically any of the smaller parties such as the BNP or UKIP don’t stand much of a chance of actually governing the country and gaining one or two seats isn’t going to get them far either. It is a three party system in this country and I can’t see it ever being anything else with the voting system that we have to be honest.

    I don’t necessarily agree fully with your opinions on immigration and their housing, but I am not here to judge. I personally am accepting of immigration as we emigrate ourselves and I often think that a lot of immigration issues in terms of housing, jobs, benefits etc is much over hyped in today’s media.

    With regard to the referendum I completely agree, it would have been nice to see what we were promised!

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