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Royale Noir.

I was reading on another blog and it was suggesting that Royale Noir was to be produced for Media Centre Edition but didn’t end up getting released. Someone apparently researched into it and uncovered this “secret” theme…Royale is the Media Center Edition skin however it includes the black version of it. Personally I think it looks rather similar to the Vista skin except the ‘aero’ glass effect. There are obviously a few other things but overall it doesn’t actually look too bad…

As this Royale Noir theme was never released there are one or two minor problems, but nothing too bad. To quote form Amsterdamn;

Some of the colours don’t meet the overall “feel” (they’re too purple-ish compared to the greys of the bitmaps) and the inactive title bars are a little too dark.

The theme was actually signed by Microsoft as no custom UxTheme.dll file is needed to use this theme. This would suggest that it is legit, surely.

It would appear this is the first time that the skin has been released outside of Microsoft.

If you’re interested in it you can download it here –

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