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First Image Publication!

As many of you will know I blog for my local newspaper. Often my blog entries will be printed in the paper, which is delivered on a Wednesday. Well, I had been to a local football match, which was Thornaby FC v Sunderland RCA in the Arngrove Northern League Division Two (still to upload pictures to Flickr). It was my second non-league game that I had attended. A few weeks previous I attended the Billingham Synthonia v Sunderland Nissan game (pictures on my Flickr set).

Match Report and Pictures

I ended up writing a match report and uploading a few low resolution images to the blog so that they would fit on the page and fit in with the match report. I came about writing the match report after a photographer from the main local newspaper came out to photography my family and I for a profile page in the main local paper. Whilst she was here I asked her if the Gazette would ever be interested in having pictures of any local teams and I got the response that I had hoped for… Yes, and they would be used with a match report should there be one. So that’s how I came about writing the match report and uploading the pictures (I thought that it was best to give you a little background information first 😉 ).

The Very First Image Publication

I didn’t think that the pictures or match report would get published as it was slightly after the date of the football match, however, to my surprise some of the match report and a picture from it was in this weeks local paper! Obviously it wasn’t in the main paper as that covers the whole of Teesside and it was slightly out of date, but still, I have had my first picture published in a newspaper!! As you can probably tell I am quite pleased 😉 . I actually rate the picture that was published as the best football one so far purely because it is an action shot and you can see the facial expression really well.

Attending Matches

Hopefully this will the be first of many as I attempt to get to as many local games as possible. It is quite difficult to get to a match every weekend as I have a season ticket and am not going to miss the Boro match for a local non-league game, purely because I have paid a lot of money for that season ticket haha!

(Apologies for the poor image quality at the top of this entry… It was taken in artificial light and I haven’t bothered to edit it properly just yet)

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