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Post-Claim: Technorati

Firstly I will apologise to the person who is subscribed to my blog entries. For the information of other people viewing, I am currently activating my account on Technorati. I actually stumbled across it on the following blog – , and I must add that its a very interesting blog. Anyway the link below is like an activation like which will be picked up by Technorati so once again apologies for any inconveniences.

Technorati Profile

I have now registered and “claimed” my blog… It seems all a bit odd… It seems slightly complicated unless it’s just me. Anyway ill wait and see what happens and post an update in the near future.

2 Responses to “Post-Claim: Technorati”

  • Nick Gray says:

    Technorati is basically search engine, I guess for blogs. one feature I like is that you can see who is linking to your blog. Just type your url, or anyones for that matter, into the search bar and it will show you who is linking.

  • Aidan says:

    Thanks for that information, it makes it much more clearer now 🙂

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