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Latest Design – Fountain View

Over the past week I have been working on a new design, although not for my website, just for my pleasure. I decided that I would design yet another 2 column layout however this time I would add the navigation bar above the header, I thought that it adds to the character of the design.

I started off as always getting my container sorted and my main sections i.e. content, headings, navigation etc… After I had these sorted it was time to sort out the banner image. I had an image in mind and just had to alter it slightly in terms of colour and crop it a fair bit.

It really didn’t take particularly long to create this design, the most time consuming part can be inputting the text. Although if you’re using Lorem Ipsum, it doesn’t take too long as it’s only a point of copying and pasting the text.

I have actually only yesterday finished adding the Lorem Ipsum although I had a few changed to make to the navigation and a few problems to solve, this wasn’t too difficult.

I again set out to make it cross browser compatible as there is nothing more annoying than it working in one browser and not another… It’s very frustrating! I have tested my new design in the most common browsers and so far so good.

As well as making it cross browser compatible I also wanted to ensure that it was XHTML Valid and CSS Valid. I tested this on the W3C Validator, and they results came back with what I wanted, that being that my new design is both XHTML and CSS Valid.

If you fancy taking a look at the new design you can do so here. All thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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