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Sp*m Bots

I quite simply can’t say the word. They infuriate me so much. Over the page week I have had 2 of them post on here, my blog.

I have added them to the spam list in hope of not future reoccurrence although now I have the image verification ‘Captcha’ image on the comments form I should hopefully be immune to those pesky bots.

I actually have been searching for a “Captcha” style image verification to keep the bots out. I found a few but I had a fair few problems with them therefore I gave up although I stumbled across generated one from So far, touch wood, it has worked a treat and in my opinion nice and simple for the user to use!

A bit of a small entry today however I needed a rant 🙂

2 Responses to “Sp*m Bots”

  • Nick Gray says:

    Hey, try akismet I use it on wordpress and it has not let any spam through, it’s caught about 76 comments so far.

  • Aidan says:

    Yes, I had wondered about that although I think at the moment my verification image is doing the trick for guests. I need to look into “akismet” a bit more as I admittedly didn’t give it much time before…

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