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Gate To Stay As Manager!

Despite the title it doesn’t at all surprise me especially as the run of form we have been on is terrible. The rest of the chairmen would have rubbed their hands at the opportunity of Gareth remaining as manager for out of form Boro. However I hope now its been resolved our performances will improve.

Fair play to Gareth, I think it’s great that he has been given the chance to stay on until the end of the season providing that he has started his Uefa Pro Licsense by the end of the season. I suppose what has, and did get taken into account is that he simply hasn’t been able to start the required Coaching Badges due to his England commitments an club commitments.

I hope things will start to look up for the ‘long haired lover’ from Watford. He deserves a decent season, preferably a top half finish. That would look great on him, first season in charge of a large(ish) club and a top half finish with no managerial experience at all. Although I think that may just be a fairy tail… But you never know things may now start to look up for us as there is no uncertainty regarding Southgate’s future at the club.

Overall I would say that I am happy that he has been allowed to stay on as I he deserves his chance and if we can continue to grind out the results we should be ok, although I would expect my opinion will change after a couple of games, but then again that’s football isn’t it, views and opinions are always changing.

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