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My Appearance In Two Local Newspapers.

Around about two weeks ago I featured in two local newspapers due to my other blog over at TS17 getting a few comments on a particular entry. I was featured in the local gazette in the local area section. It was only a small photo but a few people from school had recognised me and mentioned it. However, I was the main story on the front of page of the even more local newspaper, TS17. It is distributed to the people within my community.

I was taken out on Monday 2nd April for some photos to be taken of me so that they could be used for the front page of the newspaper which was to be released on the following Wednesday.

I was actually quite impressed that I managed to be the main story on the TS17 newspaper, I am obviously doing something right 😛 .

I should actually blog more on the TS17 blog, but as it is to do with my local area I struggle to write as much on there as what I do on here. I don’t have to blog about the local area but I prefer to, I am sure you understand why.

Anyway I just thought I would let you know about it, perhaps a bit pointless but hey, why not 😉 .

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