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Happy Birthday Sam.

I just want to wish Sam, my brother, a happy birthday 19th for yesterday. I didn’t get chance to post yesterday as I had a lot of work to get on with and went looking for a new T.V. last night, so apologies for that Sam.

I hope you had a good day 🙂 .

As I said to you, it seems really odd that you’re 19 now lol! Where is the time going!!

I am just thinking, it isn’t really your 19th is it! You are about 5 aren’t you, if you’re going by the leap years that is 😉 . 

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Sam.”

  • ¬_¬ says:

    Happy Birthday Sam, It must feel quite special in a way to be born on February 29th! 🙂

  • nick says:

    Wow feb 29, My brothers is the 28th so he just missed it. Happy birthday Sam, sorry this was late!

  • Sam says:


    Thanks guys, much appreciated.

    And yeah Shaun you are right, it does feel kinda special – bit odd though, I only get a real birthday once every four years.

    Officially, I am now……. 4 and 3/4……

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