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The New Account.

As I am now 16 I am eligible to have my own bank account where my parents are not involved. Previously I have always had an account where by my parents had to withdraw money for me etc, which can be a bit annoying, I am sure you could imagine. So anyway, as I turned 16 last month I felt it was time to get my own bank account. I did a bit of searching around for the one that suited me best and eventually I found one.

I made a trip with my parents to a local bank branch, when we, along with the member of staff were about to set up the account there was a small problem with my I.D, that being the very little I.D that I have at my age. It really is difficult to get I.D at 16… Anyway we managed to get around it which was good and now my account is set up. I just need to wait for a few things to activate and I will be able to use it properly.  This means that I won’t have to rely on my parents or brother to buy me things off the internet 🙂 . Obviously you have to be careful when ordering off the internet, I know that.

I feel that by having my own account I have a bit more freedom now, I suppose it is because I don’t have to rely on my parents to get me the money out etc… Although the real freedom will come once I am able to drive, not that I would go mad, I like to think I would be a sensible driver like my brother, he is very sensible 🙂 .

2 Responses to “The New Account.”

  • nick says:

    hey congrats, what the account #? 🙂 But seriously that’s a big step! I remember my first account, it was so exciting, I didn’t have to ask my parents for money anymore!

  • Aidan says:

    Haha. Yeah it is good that I don’t have to ask them anymore 😛 . (P.S. I edited the post for you. I actually thought Edit Comments was enabled. Perhaps it isn’t work properly)

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