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Plugoo, The Long Awaited Review.

As I said on my previous Plugoo entry, I would write a short review about it, so here it is.

Over the few months that I have had Plugoo, I have been lucky enough not to get any spam/misuse of Plugoo bar some stupid little immature person from my school. It wasn’t difficult to find out who it was. But like I said, other than that I have had no problems.

It is slightly difficult to give a proper review as I don’t really have anything to compare it to; this is because I haven’t found anything else currently available that does the same job. If there is I would love to hear about it so that I can compare.

I have found many positive points, however, I have found that it is great for communicating with your readers, especially ones that don’t want to give out their IM address or whatever. Also it allows you to meet new people; it feels more personal than a few comments to each other on entries. Although you do get some people who would be a bit shy to use it, but I encourage everyone and anyone to use it here.

Another positive point is that it is easy to throw people off if there are any problems, for example, I am using it with Windows Live Messenger and all I need to do to stop people from talking to me via it, is block it. Plugoo then believes that you are offline.

My last point on this is that it is quite customizable via your login at Plugoo, which is a good thing as many people have different styles and will want to make it look original. Although just a quick note, it is purely plain colours that you can choose from, no patterns as of yet.

Overall I would have to say it gets the thumbs up from me. I think that it is a good idea for use on a smaller blog rather than larger blog as you may have hundreds of readers and you could become pretty busy talking to everyone. Plus with it being on a smaller blog you’re less prone to getting spam/misuse of it. The main problem I would say with it is implementing it into your site. If you plan on putting it on your sidebar it needs to be pretty empty otherwise it could look too cluttered.

I hope this review was helpful. It is short but I don’t want to ramble on forever! – Not that I could but still.

2 Responses to “Plugoo, The Long Awaited Review.”

  • Nils says:

    Well, we talked there for a minute and it worked. I wouldn’t recommend it for ongoing discussions or anything. The type field is rather too small for that: you’re sat comfortably behind your IM client and the visitor has to make do with a tiny window and tiny text. Very hard to elaborate – as I tend to do 😉

    Another major drawback is the lack of an alert (sound or pop-up). I tend to have tonnes of tabs and other apps open and having to stare at the little chat thingy until the you answer is asking a lot in these days of multi-tasking. It doesn’t even say whether you’re typing a message or not.

    So, overall, definitely not a replacement for IM (which probably isn’t what it’s for in the first place) but a great tool for quickly asking a question, telling you to have a look at something or generally commenting on a blog post or something.

    As for the hesitance people might display at using it (which is understandable), maybe you could add some text at the top or bottom explaining what it is again and that you encourage people using it?

  • thamkengyew says:

    Hey man, i wrote a comparisons on plugoo, meebome and gabbly on
    personally, i prefer plugoo as well 🙂

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