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November, 2007

MFC Management Challenge 2007

Around a month ago a group of students from my College began work on a management challenge. Basically we have to choose a candidate and present that candidate to a panel of judges and persuade them to pick the one we want in charge of Middlesbrough. The challenge is coordinated by Middlesbrough Enterprise Academy which […]

Etre ou ne pas être, là est la question…

I am becoming more and more frustrated by one of my A-Level subjects and that is French, hence the title. I don’t actually know if the title is correct but nevermind, I can only try. The Problem It probably sounds silly but there isn’t really one specific problem, it is just the subject in general. […]

Messenger Eventually Available on K770i!

During October I purchased a Sony Ericsson k770i, however, this time on contract from 3 mobile. I am on the £20 texter tariff which allows me to have 1000 texts, 100 minutes and free Windows Live Messenger (WLM). If I am honest the free WLM was one of the things that tempted me and perhaps […]

They Just Keep on Falling!

Recently I’ve been looking around at different computers, not for myself, though. I couldn’t quite believe just how much they’ve come down in price. In comparison to what they used to cost they’re quite cheap, yet still expensive if you get me. Well, it still seems expensive to me because I’m not earning, but you […]

365 Days

I can’t believe it. It has been 365 days since I started blogging. Well, truthfully at the time of writing it has actually been 366 days because I was busy last night and never got round to recording the podcast. I thought that I would do a podcast on this to mark this special occasion. […]

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