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September, 2007

First Image Publication!

As many of you will know I blog for my local newspaper. Often my blog entries will be printed in the paper, which is delivered on a Wednesday. Well, I had been to a local football match, which was Thornaby FC v Sunderland RCA in the Arngrove Northern League Division Two (still to upload pictures […]

Los Alcazares Apartment Goes Live.

The other day I finished the holiday apartment website that I was on about a week or so ago, but it didn’t go live until late Monday as the domain hadn’t fully registered, despite me ordering it Thursday evening (last week). Never mind, though, it is up now and that’s the main thing! So, I […]

21st Century National Service?

I heard on the news today, and read on the internet how Tory leader David Cameron, if he was in power would like to make a programme which is effectively a “21st Century” national service. It is actually a “Citizen Service” which s voluntary, however, he would like to make it compulsory to all 16 […]

Free Security Software.

Obviously being mainly an Ubuntu user I don’t worry too much about my security software because I don’t need it, but I was reading today on The Times Online that tests have revealed that a number of commercial brands have been beaten by or are just as good as free alternatives. Some of these commercial […]


Over the past year or so I have noticed more and more people say have you ‘Googled it’? Or ‘just Google it!’. They are two phrases which are entering the language more and more everyday. It is as though Google is becoming a verb, how can that be!? It is the name of an internet […]

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