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August, 2007

Spam Comments.

For some unknown reason I am unable to comment on blogs. My comments keep being marked as spam and I am not sure why. It is quite possible that it is my e-mail address or website address, however, I’m not sure. I just thought that I would inform people who I regularly comment. Hopefully I […]

Installing Freecom DVB-T USB2 Stick On Ubuntu.

I have had a Freecom DVB-T USB2 Stick for quite some time now, however, I only ever had it working on XP until now… The area that I live in gets very poor signal and the aerial (which is located in the loft) is completely and utterly pointless. The picture is all grainy and that […]


I have to say that so far this season (even though it is only three games old) I have been really impressed with David Wheater. He hardly figured at all last season, he only appeared twice, however, he scored his first goal for us in the last game of the season! That isn’t a bad […]

GCSE Results Day, Thursday 23rd August.

This morning I picked up my long awaited GCSE results. I have been getting rather nervous about this, but then again it is just natural isn’t it… Results So, seeing as I have received my results I thought that I would share them with my readers. Here it goes – Citizenship (Short Course – half […]

Trapped In A Design.

For some reason I am finding myself repeating the same sort of design every time that I develop a website. I find it quite frustrating, it is as though I am stuck in that design and cannot move away from it. I have, however, managed to move away from my normal style with my blog […]

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