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July, 2007

Getting Out.

I was supposed to do this yesterday, but as I didn’t it has helped me to compile two posts into one 🙂 . Last night I went for a walk down to the river, through the fields behind where I live. It didn’t take particularly long to get there, perhaps around 10 minutes or so […]

It’s Officially Here.

So, our annual summer holidays are here, 6 weeks of doing not a lot. I will actually have more than 6 weeks off all told seeing as I had 4 weeks after my exams and about 4 weeks off during my exams (study leave), so overall a decent break! Although I should really minus one […]

Garmin It Is.

Today Middlesbrough FC have confirmed that Garmin will be the official sponsors for the 07/08 season. I suspected that this would be the case as there were so many rumours about it, but now I know for sure as it has been confirmed. Garmin is a satellite navigation specialist who manufacture, design and market sat-navs. […]

Comfort Zone.

When I first began blogging I visited a whole host of blogs, even though I still wasn’t sure what a blog was. It might sound odd seeing as I had already started blogging, but I was getting into it and getting a feel of what blogging was like and about. I find the whole beginning […]

Garmin, McCain or Panasonic?

Since Middlesbrough’s sponsorship deal with gambling website ran out this summer there have been many rumours going around suggesting that McCain frozen food company were going to sponsor us, yet other people have heard that Garmin, the satelite navigation specialists were going to. As well as that I have heard that Panasonic were in […]

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