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June, 2007

Gravatars Are Here.

After seeing on OpenSwitch and TCRA that Gravatars were back up and running I thought that I would give it a go on this blog. I installed the code but set it to 40×40 pixels rather than the 80×80 standard size. I think that 80×80 would be too big see. Below is the code which […]

MFC Training Ground, Rockliffe Park – Hurworth.

Today I visited Middlesbrough’s training ground at Hurworth, Darlington. As you can see it isn’t situated in Middlesbrough, but it is only about 20 or so minutes drive from Middlesbrough. It takes me a bit longer seeing as I don’t live in Middlesbrough. Hurworth is classed as Darlington, but it is pretty much out in […]

Henman Through To Second Round.

What a win for Henman! He eventually took the match on the 7th match point! He had so many other opportunities to wrap it up, but it he did it the hard way. I am really pleased to see him go through, he deserves to. You could tell that he gave everything in that match […]

Support Alan Johnston.

Many of you will have heard about BBC reporter Alan Johnston being abducted in Gaza on 12th March. There has been one other video of him released, however, today there was another, more disturbing one. The latest video shows him wearing what he says is an explosives vest which will be detonated if there is […]

100th Photo.

Today I uploaded my 100th photo to Flickr. Obviously I have taken more than 100 photos, it is just that I upload the better ones, well, what I regard as the better ones 😉 . Below is the 100th Photograph – I took multiple photos of these glasses with my new Canon EOS 400D, however, […]

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