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May, 2007

Well Rounded.

I came across a nice little extension for Firefox whilst randomly looking through the extensions. I was a little bored see… Anyway, if you haven’t got it already, it is called “WellRounded“. It rounds the edges of your address bar and search bar. I would imagine that it would round the edges of other text […]

Full Circle.

I came across the e-magazine “Full Circle” on the AdGlobe Tech Blog. It is an online magazine and I quote Run by the Ubuntu Community that covers the world of Ubuntu, open source and technology. Seeing as the magazine is community run they are looking for contributors, so if you can contribute an article head […]

Transfer Successful.

Last night at around 11pm my website and blog went down, I am not sure if anyone noticed, however, I will tell you the reasoning, just in case 🙂 . My hosts, Phurix, were moving their servers to a new datacentre. From what I gather my website must have been down for quite a while […]

Dell To Launch Ubuntu on PC’s Today!

Today, 24th May 2007, Dell will launch a range of computers which will be running on Ubuntu 7.04, Feisty Fawn according to an article on the PC Advisor site, a well respected Computer Magazine within the UK. According to the article they will be launched today after 4pm Central Time from Dell’s website. There will […]

Hitting Double Figures.

I have just noticed today that I have hit double figures with regards to my subscribers. It is possible that they will decrease slightly, although I have had 9 for a while, but hey at least I have made double figures, even if it is for a short period of time! I just thought that […]

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