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April, 2007

Connecting Remotely Via Ubuntu – Feisty Fawn.

Recently I have been having trouble connecting my schools network at home. The students at my school have the ability to connect remotely via ‘Remote Desktop’, however I was struggling to use it once I had began using Ubuntu. However thanks to a friend I managed to get on to it. The way I/My Friend […]

Professor Hawking Takes the Zero Gravity Flight.

I saw on the news and on the BBC website that Stephen Hawking was going to take the zero gravity flight and he did just that. I think he is an amazing human being. I actually struggle to put it into words how much I respect him. I think he is utterly amazing. He has […]

Woodgate Signs Permanently.

Yesterday Middlesbrough born defender, Jonathan Woodgate, signed on the doted line for Middlesbrough in a £7million deal for 4 years. When I found out that this was going to happen I was quite honestly ecstatic, I couldn’t contain myself. It is such a huge signing for us! In my opinion he is joint second best […]

Conservatives Back Linux.

I was reading the latest edition of “Computer Shopper” today and noticed, in the news section, that Linux got the Conservatives vote. As a Linux user myself, Ubuntu to be precise, I find it quite encouraging that Governments/political parties all over the world find open-source quite attractive. Take the French Parliament for example, they plan […]

Windows Vista – The Temptation.

I was reading over at Sam’s blog about how tempted he was with Vista. It is quite interesting how people get taken in by the ‘Aero’ effect and improvements in the graphical user interface (GUI). Obviously there are a few other things which are seen as plus points for Vista, but to the bog standard […]

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