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March, 2007

It’s Back, Just Like I Promised…Ubuntu 7.0.4.

Yesterday I downloaded Ubuntu 7.0.4, the beta release. I know there is always a risk with beta’s however when I saw that it had “excellent wireless support” I had to test it out! I downloaded the Live CD and messed about with it last night and found it quite impressive. I have been trying to […]

There Is A First Time For Everything.

Despite the fact that I regard myself as decently knowledgeable when it comes to web design/development, something I have never done is create a website in tables by pure HTML coding. I have created sites in tables before with the use of a WYSIWYG HTML Editor however I have never done it in Notepad… However, […]


I don’t know about anyone else but I for one know that it can be extremely difficult to come up with titles for your post/blog entry. I often find that it takes me longer to think of a title than it does to write the post! It sometimes will actually delay my blog entry being […]


I, like many other Bloggers like to regularly blog however it really annoys me when I have an interesting topic or thing to blog about and then suddenly poof, it is gone, I have forgotten what it was… – It is so frustrating! Obviously it happens to everyone else, but it is just so annoying […]

A Close Encounter.

Today spelled a close encounter with the crossbar of a 5-a-side goal. A five a side goal is smaller than an 11 a side goal, it is not as wide and only about 4 foot high. So, I was playing football with my friends and the ball came to the edge of the box and […]

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