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February, 2007

A Recommendation For All of You.

I have a recommendation for every single person out there. You will have heard it before but I feel obliged to tell you all. Do Not Walk Into Walls. They Hurt. I happened to walk into one this morning you see and my shoulder is still feeling the repercussions of it. Ouch!

Feeling Secure.

I always think that on a computer it is important to feel safe, safe from viruses and the like. I thought I was decently safe with my Avast! Home Edition, yes it was free but I know of a few companies who fix computers etc that use it so surely it must be safe…  However […]

Another Milestone Has Been Hit.

My new ‘days since started blogging’ plugin for WordPress has kindly informed me that today is my 100th day of blogging. (situated at the bottom of the page) I can’t believe that it has come so quickly! Time has flown by. Earlier this morning it said 99 days and now it says 100, that I […]


As of late I have been extremely stressed, perhaps I have a bit of a lame reason for it but for me it is a valid reason. The reason I have been stressed is because of my eczema. When the eczema gets very itchy and starts weeping I go mad, it is so irritating, both […]

I’m Glad That This Day Arrived.

I am ever so glad that this day arrived… I now have next week off school including this Friday and the Monday we should be going back we have a training day 😀 . This therefore means that I have 11 days off school (including weekends) to relax and do well… half term homework, although […]

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