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February, 2007

Blog Title. What Blog Title?

I think it is time to give my blog a name. Aidan is a bit of a boring name, I am sure you agree… I have a few ideas, but none of which are good enough. Home of the Deer, my tagline, was one of them but it is a bit of an odd […]

Replying to Comments.

I don’t know about other people but I always like to reply to peoples comments. However recently I haven’t been replying to them as much as I usually would. I just wanted to apologise for not doing so. I do plan to start replying to each one now (where it is necessary) as I like […]

The New Account.

As I am now 16 I am eligible to have my own bank account where my parents are not involved. Previously I have always had an account where by my parents had to withdraw money for me etc, which can be a bit annoying, I am sure you could imagine. So anyway, as I turned […]


(Image: For a few years now my Mother has been a huge fan of Frasier however I have only started watching and enjoying it last year. I am obviously a bit late in joining the party as the last episode was produced in May 2004… I wouldn’t normally watch an American Comedy series however […]

Plugoo, The Long Awaited Review.

As I said on my previous Plugoo entry, I would write a short review about it, so here it is. Over the few months that I have had Plugoo, I have been lucky enough not to get any spam/misuse of Plugoo bar some stupid little immature person from my school. It wasn’t difficult to find […]

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