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January, 2007

The Mane Man.

Today Middlesbrough unveiled Korean international Lee Dong-Gook (aka The Lion King) . Lee Dong-Gook arrived from Pohang Steelers (South Korea) – A very successful team in Korea. Dong-Gook is huge in Korea; therefore he is straight away a huge signing for us. I believe that it will increase the size of our fan base as […]

Problems with Latest Comments and Inline Asides.

For some unknown reason when I change my asides to “inline” a fatal error occurs with the latest comments section on my sidebar… I don’t know why either. I think I will take a trip over to 9rules or the WordPress support forums and see if anyone can assist me with my problems!

16 Years Old

It seems odd to write that! – 16 years old. Well as you may have guessed, it is my 16th Birthday today.

£1.05 For A Slice of Pizza!

Usually at dinner time I will grab myself an apple nutri-grain bar rather than a big lunch as I am not a lunch person. I prefer to have a large meal on an evening. Anyway, today I went into the Dining Hall to get my usual although as I was going up to the counter […]

The Joy of Blogging!

I don’t really have a lot else to blog about at the moment as I am currently having writers block, similar to Nick over at TCRA. Anyway, I do think that this is relevant because as of late I have been thinking about how good blogging actually is! Why do I enjoy blogging? – A […]

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