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November, 2006

Post-Claim: Technorati

Firstly I will apologise to the person who is subscribed to my blog entries. For the information of other people viewing, I am currently activating my account on Technorati. I actually stumbled across it on the following blog – , and I must add that its a very interesting blog. Anyway the link below […]


I am beginning to get the feeling my blogging is slightly on the boring side shall we say… I seem to blog about the same old same old things and don’t have much variety. That’s my opinion anyway. Perhaps I need to start blogging on a wider variety of things such as… hmmm… that’s where […]

Latest Design – Fountain View

Over the past week I have been working on a new design, although not for my website, just for my pleasure. I decided that I would design yet another 2 column layout however this time I would add the navigation bar above the header, I thought that it adds to the character of the design. […]

Sp*m Bots

I quite simply can’t say the word. They infuriate me so much. Over the page week I have had 2 of them post on here, my blog. I have added them to the spam list in hope of not future reoccurrence although now I have the image verification ‘Captcha’ image on the comments form I […]

Gate To Stay As Manager!

Despite the title it doesn’t at all surprise me especially as the run of form we have been on is terrible. The rest of the chairmen would have rubbed their hands at the opportunity of Gareth remaining as manager for out of form Boro. However I hope now its been resolved our performances will improve. […]

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