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The Return of Ubuntu…

I recently talked of how I had switched over to Linux Mint after messing up my Ubuntu install so to speak and in the first few days thought that it was pretty good, however, I soon began to realise that it wasn’t for me… I ended up re-installing Ubuntu around about three or four days […]

Linux Mint 4.0

On Thursday I completed the installation of Linux Mint, a new Linux distribution that I have decided to try out. I downloaded the ‘Main edition’ of Daryna – the latest Mint edition. There are different versions available of it including a light version but I decided to go the whole hog. Goodbye Grub It is […]

Free Security Software.

Obviously being mainly an Ubuntu user I don’t worry too much about my security software because I don’t need it, but I was reading today on The Times Online that tests have revealed that a number of commercial brands have been beaten by or are just as good as free alternatives. Some of these commercial […]

Dell to Use Ubuntu on Linux PCs

I was looking at an article on the BBC Website the other day with regards to Dell and Ubuntu. I believe they sell ‘OSless’ computers in America; however, I am still unable to find them on the UK site… Although despite this I didn’t realise that they planned on installing Ubuntu on their Linux range. […]

Windows Vista – The Temptation.

I was reading over at Sam’s blog about how tempted he was with Vista. It is quite interesting how people get taken in by the ‘Aero’ effect and improvements in the graphical user interface (GUI). Obviously there are a few other things which are seen as plus points for Vista, but to the bog standard […]

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