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How To Install Ubuntu on VirtualBox.

There is a strong┬ápossibility┬áthat some of you out there will have tried to set up Ubuntu in VirtualBox and got the following error when starting it: FATAL: No bootable medium found! When you see this I bet you are scratching your heads and wondering, “How do I install Ubuntu on VirtualBox?” Or “How do I […]

The Return of Ubuntu…

I recently talked of how I had switched over to Linux Mint after messing up my Ubuntu install so to speak and in the first few days thought that it was pretty good, however, I soon began to realise that it wasn’t for me… I ended up re-installing Ubuntu around about three or four days […]

Linux Mint 4.0

On Thursday I completed the installation of Linux Mint, a new Linux distribution that I have decided to try out. I downloaded the ‘Main edition’ of Daryna – the latest Mint edition. There are different versions available of it including a light version but I decided to go the whole hog. Goodbye Grub It is […]

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 – Desktop Effects or Not…

Tonight I managed to upgrade to Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 from Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04. I was expecting quite a lot, especially in terms of the much shouted about desktop effects from compiz fusion, which comes pre-loaded with Ubuntu by the way, however, unfortunately I am unable to have these effects. I can have them […]

Free Security Software.

Obviously being mainly an Ubuntu user I don’t worry too much about my security software because I don’t need it, but I was reading today on The Times Online that tests have revealed that a number of commercial brands have been beaten by or are just as good as free alternatives. Some of these commercial […]

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