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A Recommendation For All of You.

I have a recommendation for every single person out there. You will have heard it before but I feel obliged to tell you all. Do Not Walk Into Walls. They Hurt. I happened to walk into one this morning you see and my shoulder is still feeling the repercussions of it. Ouch!

Another String To My Bow.

Yesterday I officially started blogging for the TS17 area of The Evening Gazette. The TS17 of course stands for my postcode area. You may be wondering, how did I come across this? Well, I noticed an advert in the TS17 Gazette, which is free, and it was “Calling All Bloggers” – I thought to myself, […]

16 Years Old

It seems odd to write that! – 16 years old. Well as you may have guessed, it is my 16th Birthday today.

Desktop Is Once Again Becoming Full.

I sorted out my desktop icons/folders about 3 weeks ago so that I only had a few essential items on there and once again it has filled back up. This therefore means that I will have to have my monthly clear up. I don’t know about other people but

The Time Can Now Be Told!

At last, I have got round to purchasing a new watch. It only took me since November 7 8th 2005! November 7 8th ’05 was when my battery on my old watch stopped working. I was going to purchase a new battery but

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