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2004 Vauxhall Corsa, 1.3 CDTi Diesel – Life – Review

A short review on my recent car purchase, a Vauxhall Corsa 2004 1.3 CDTi Diesel. A couple of months ago I purchased my second car, a Vauxhall Corsa Diesel, 1.3 Life (CDTi). I decided on getting a more economical car than my old Hyundai Getz 1.1 GSI. To be fair my Getz was probably more […]

My VW Beetle, well, maybe one day!

For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with the VW Beetle. It came about when I was only a few years old after watching the ‘Herbie the Love Bug’ movies, I am not sure if I have seen Herbie Rides Again, I think I have, but I definitely remember watching […]