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Trapped In A Design.

For some reason I am finding myself repeating the same sort of design every time that I develop a website. I find it quite frustrating, it is as though I am stuck in that design and cannot move away from it. I have, however, managed to move away from my normal style with my blog […]

Hello, How Are You? Is That It!?

One thing that I cannot understand is people who talk to you in an instant messaging program and say all of two phrases to you and never speak again. What is the point? If I engage in conversation with an online buddy I will have a purpose to talk to them, whether that be for […]

Gravatars Are Here.

After seeing on OpenSwitch and TCRA that Gravatars were back up and running I thought that I would give it a go on this blog. I installed the code but set it to 40×40 pixels rather than the 80×80 standard size. I think that 80×80 would be too big see. Below is the code which […]


I have been using for around 3 weeks now. I had heard of it previous to Nils mentioning it on my Full Circle entry, however, never thought of setting up an account as I didn’t think that it would be as advantageous as everyone says it is. Anyway, despite that I setup an account […]

Beware, HSBC E-mail Scam.

I thought that it was best to inform people of a scam e-mail that I received yesterday from – The e-mail was asking me to log in and check my account status etc, however, the link that they provided did not go to HSBC at all, it was to another website… I didn’t actually […]

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