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Portsmouth FC given special permission to sell players…

Portsmouth FC have been granted special permission to sell players due to their current deteriorating financial situation. Players such as Wilson, Belhadj, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Tal Ben-Haim look to be on their way. With all due respect to Portsmouth I genuinely cannot believe that their administrator has managed to wangle this agreement with the Premier […]

A Complete Joke.

It emerged tonight that current (non-elected) UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is NOT going to call an autumn general election after he has decided that he wants the chance to show his “vision of change” or so he says so at least. Personally I think that it is just an excuse not to have an […]

21st Century National Service?

I heard on the news today, and read on the internet how Tory leader David Cameron, if he was in power would like to make a programme which is effectively a “21st Century” national service. It is actually a “Citizen Service” which s voluntary, however, he would like to make it compulsory to all 16 […]