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Stockton South Candidates – General Election 2010

Only 2 weeks until the much talked about election, it doesn’t give candidates a lot of time to drum up support. This is my first election that I can vote in and I think it is imperative that young people get involved, unfortunately not enough are interested though… Today I received leaflets from the BNP, […]

123 Meme

I was recently tagged by Nick from TCRA. I would like to thank him for doing so because I’m struggling to think of things to write about and I am struggling to find the time to write. So, the 123 meme. There are a few rules/guidelines that you need to follow when doing it, these […]


Well, it’s been just over two weeks since I last posted here… Far too long in my opinion. Anyway, seeing as I haven’t posted in ages I thought that I would just give everyone a little update on what’s happened recently. Re-design As you can probably tell already I haven’t re-designed my blog! Today I […]

Would I Vote?

Firstly, despite it being completely unrelated to the entry, I would like to apologise to all of my readers for not commenting on their blogs as of late. As you may have noticed form the lack of posts here, I haven’t been round here much. I know that you are all very understanding, but I […]

A Complete Joke.

It emerged tonight that current (non-elected) UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is NOT going to call an autumn general election after he has decided that he wants the chance to show his “vision of change” or so he says so at least. Personally I think that it is just an excuse not to have an […]

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