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Web Design

Promoting Services.

Ever since I got into blogging I have come across many other bloggers who have ended up promoting their services. When I say services I mean things like web design, logo design, graphic design etc, and I am beginning to think that it is about time for me to promote my services. A good example […]

A Bit of A Tweak.

I was beginning to get bored with my old design. It seemed to plain and boring, plus it didn’t seem particularly stimulating, so I thought something needed doing with it. I haven’t spent ages on it, hence the not so drastic change, but I thought that I’d do a little housekeeping shall we say whilst […]

Los Alcazares Apartment Goes Live.

The other day I finished the holiday apartment website that I was on about a week or so ago, but it didn’t go live until late Monday as the domain hadn’t fully registered, despite me ordering it Thursday evening (last week). Never mind, though, it is up now and that’s the main thing! So, I […]

Trapped In A Design.

For some reason I am finding myself repeating the same sort of design every time that I develop a website. I find it quite frustrating, it is as though I am stuck in that design and cannot move away from it. I have, however, managed to move away from my normal style with my blog […]

Photography Portfolio.

Recently I have been pondering whether or not to set up my own photography portfolio. Yes, there is Flickr which is great for uploading, but when you’re hoping to perhaps obtain work or even sell the photographs you need something a little more personal and exposed. After much deliberation (with myself) I have decided that […]

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