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The Return of Ubuntu…

I recently talked of how I had switched over to Linux Mint after messing up my Ubuntu install so to speak and in the first few days thought that it was pretty good, however, I soon began to realise that it wasn’t for me… I ended up re-installing Ubuntu around about three or four days […]

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Interview.

I noticed over at Phil’s blog that he had linked over to another blog which contained videos of the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs interview. It is actually quite interesting. Definitely worth a look 🙂 .

Desktop Is Once Again Becoming Full.

I sorted out my desktop icons/folders about 3 weeks ago so that I only had a few essential items on there and once again it has filled back up. This therefore means that I will have to have my monthly clear up. I don’t know about other people but

Royale Noir: Remixed

As you may have seen a while ago, on an earlier blog entry, I got the Royal Noir theme for XP. I recently discovered that Oddbasket had “remixed” this theme so that it had the Windows Vista icons and noises. I don’t recall these noises from RC 1, perhaps I haven’t taken notice properly but […]


A while back I downloaded ClearType, a Microsoft Power Toy. It only just stuck me today, thanks to Oli changing his font on WLM, to see what my font on my blog and Windows Live Messenger looked like without ClearType being turned on… When I turned it off I saw that in my opinion it […]

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